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11 questions hiring managers do not want to hear during job interviews

What have you heard a great candidate ask during an interview that cost him/her the job? If you are actively looking for job, you may find it helpful to review these questions hiring managers do not want to hear, but candidates often ask them.

Here are top 11 questions hiring managers don’t ever want to hear during an interview. These are also known as “red flags” in the hiring community.

These questions that show “You actually don’t really want this job”:

**  We don’t actually need to [insert applicable task or duty listed in job description] often in this role, do we?

**  How quickly is it possible to receive a promotion in this role? [Insert entry-level job title] is actually not what I’m qualified for, I’m more well fitted for [insert mid-level job you want].

**  If I feel that [insert crucial task listed in job description] is not a priority, can I pass that work onto someone else in this role?

**  Can I work part time or work from home? [when the work needs to be done on-site]

These questions that show you didn’t look the company up … at all

**  If I assume [insert incorrect assumption A], then that means this job would entail [insert long description that has nothing to do with the job, company, and in some cases industry?].

**  I read an article about [insert competitor name] and I see that your company is doing this new initiative [that the company is not doing, because the candidate is talking about the competition]. How would that impact my job?

Questions that highlight your last job’s qualifications are very different than what this job needs.

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