Man stripped naked and banished from the community due to his Facebook post (Watch Video)

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Like a tale by moonlight, a Germany based Nigerian man, Murphy Idahosa, was on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018, banished from Edo state Nigeria due to a video he posted on his Facebook page while in Germany, insulting the king – Oba of Benin.

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In the video, Murphy was seen blaming the Oba of Benin for the high rate of trafficking among girls in the Benin kingdom.

Murphy returned to Nigeria from Germany and was taken to the Oba’s palace where he was declared an enemy of the Oba and then banished from the kingdom.

See photos of the Oba of Benin below:

Watch the video of Murphy Idahosa who returned to Nigeria from Germany, being banished from the community

Video below shows when he was being stripped naked


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