Iran announces plan to ban Instagram due to too much “immoral content” in it.

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Iranian justice officials on Thursday announced plans to ban Instagram due to what it deems “immoral” content on the photo-sharing app.

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“Instagram unfortunately is not only illegal but also immoral and obscene content,” the state prosecution service’s IT commissary, Javad Javadnia, said.

Irananian president Hassan Rouhani currently has a major presence on Instagram with over 2 million followers. If Instagram is banned, it means his account will no longer be officially allowed in the country.

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‌ احیای #دریاچه_ارومیه یکی از قول‌های من به مردم آذربایجان غربی در سال ۹۲ بود‌ و اگر تلاش این دولت نبود، با ادامه روال سال‌های قبل، امروز یک قطره آب در دریاچه ارومیه وجود نداشت و تمام این دریاچه به یک نمک‌زار خطرناک تبدیل شده بود که زندگی مردم، کشاورزی و باغ‌ها را تهدید می‌کرد. هنوز به مرحله احیاء دریاچه نرسیده‌ایم اما وضعیت دریاچه تقریباً تثبیت شده که این خود گام بزرگی است. ‌ ? عکس‌ها: مهدی قربانی @Mahdi.Ghorbani77، حجت سپهوند @HojatSepahvand و ابراهیم سیدی؛ در جمع مردم شهرستان #خوی، استان آذربایجان غربی، ١٣٩٧/٨/٢٨. ‌

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Iran’s National Cyberspace Council has approved steps to block Instagram, according to local reports, following crackdowns on other social media apps.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram are already banned in the Islamic Republic, with internet providers ordered to block access to the services.

The apps have often been used as a way to spread anti-government messages, with Telegram in particular, often cited as a national security concern.

Authorities are now waiting for a final decision from Iran’s political leadership in order to implement the ban on Instagram, the Isna news agency reported.


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