VIDEO: Shocking surveillance video shows the moment man was struck by lightning

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Shocking surveillance footage below shows the moment a Texas man was struck by lightning while walking his three dogs.

Alex Coreas was walking his three dogs around 7pm on Thursday near the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Spring, Texas, when a lightning bolt knocked him off his feet and sent the dogs scurrying.

Video from a security camera outside the veterinary clinic shows the lightning bolt producing a giant spark at Coreas’ feet, after which he falls to the ground.

According to the report, a vet technician named Bill from Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital found Coreas without a heartbeat.

Bill immediately began to administer CPR with the help of clinic worker, Christy Mittler.

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Mittler told KTRK that she and other good Samaritans saw that Coreas wasn’t moving and that his ‘shoes and socks got blown off his feet’.

She and Bill performed CPR until they finally felt a pulse.

First responders arrived to the scene and transported Coreas (pictured after the incident) to Memorial Herman

According to GoFundMe page set up by the family, an unexpected storm struck the area while Alexander Coreas and his dogs were at the Meyer Park dog park.

‘When Alexander noticed the intensity of the lightning, he immediately took charge of the girls and made a run for it,’ his family wrote on GoFundMe.

‘Upon running to get to his car safely with the girls he was struck by lightning.’

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Coreas pictured with two of his dogs

The family said Coreas’ clothes caught on fire from the strike, which left a large hole in the pavement.

First responders arrived to the scene and transported Coreas to Memorial Herman.

‘He sustained very serious injuries but by the grace of God he is alive. It is a miracle and a blessing that He is alive,’ his family said.

Coreas is currently suffering from fractured ribs, a fractured temporal bone, a swollen eye, bruising, and many muscle ruptures due from the strike.

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The family thanked the good Samaritans who helped Coreas because ‘if it was not for you all, he would not be where he is’.

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‘Had it not been for each and every one of you there would be no telling where Alexander’s life would be,’ the family said.

Watch the footage below


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