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11/06/2019 2:59 am  
 by preparing yourself for a very normal Steelers NFL Draft."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest NewsCommentaryA Letter From the Editor: Avoid the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft let downNew <a title="Rod Woodson Jersey" href=" removed link ">Rod Woodson Jersey ,24commentsSave yourself the frustration and anger by preparing yourself for a very normal Steelers NFL Draft.EDTShareTweetShareShareA Letter From the Editor: Avoid the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Draft let downTim Heitman-USA TODAY SportsEvery NFL franchise is almost identical when it comes to the NFL Draft. Every fan believes deep down they could do matter what. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, who enter the 2019 Draft with 10 picks, black-and-gold faithful have their hopes on a draft day trade to move up and get themselves a Devin. You know, Devin Bush or Devin White. Most believe White, the LSU standout linebacker, would require a king’s ransom to move up and obtain, while Bush, the athletic Michigan linebacker, wouldn’t require as much compensation to climb up the board to have him try to fill the void still left by Ryan Shazier. I have to admit, it is all so tantalizing. The thought of making a big trade on draft day to get a player who could change the complexity of the team overnight. To be quite frank, the last time the Steelers made a big trade like that was in 2003 when Bill Cowher decide to trade up and draft some safety from USC named Troy Polamalu. Polamalu was a transcendent player, and there are some who believe the Devins, especially White, would fall into that same category.But what Steelers fans should prepare themselves for is a lot of the usual. You know...doing nothing. On our Steelers Preview podcast Thursday night, you can listen to the show in the player below, Dave Schofield brought up this topic. Fans should prepare for the Steelers to not make a big marquee trade in the opening round, and also shouldn’t hope for them to trade back if the prospects aren’t there.I’m not saying there is no chance this happens <a title="Franco Harris Jersey" href=" removed link ">Franco Harris Jersey , but this is more about your expectations. Don’t expect the Steelers to make a trade, because if it doesn’t happen you won’t find yourself throwing your cell phone into your television.On top of tempering your expectations regarding a draft day trade, you should always keep a small amount of trust with whatever the Steelers do on draft day. Have they had their swing-and-misses? All you have to say is Jarvis Jones and fans will shudder at the thought. Then again, there have been those picks which have fans scratching their heads at the time, but paying huge dividends. Remember what everyone thought when JuJu Smith-Schuster was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2017 draft? Who the heck is this kid?! Turned out okay, didn’t it?To come full circle here, we all think we could do better, but there are some times when you need to just sit back and watch. Don’t fall for the knee jerk reactions, but let things play out. Sometimes the gamble doesn’t pay off, ahem Artie Burns, but other times it does, look at Vince Williams. Avoid the let down by tempering your expectations for what will happen on draft day removed link all, no on really knows how the chips will fall when the picks start flying off the board. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Mine was active during the game. Now, let’s see if I can remember what it was thinking.Is this the end of the road of this rivalry? While the game was closer than I would have liked, and while they owned us in Week 4, I came away thinking the Ravens are the Steelers of the early 80’s. A few stars still there, though at the end of their roads and the team a shadow of what it once was. Father Time may have taken a step backward Saturday night <a title="Dermontti Dawson Jersey" href=" removed link ">Dermontti Dawson Jersey , but it never stops moving forward. How soon, I wonder, will this be our future?We may well escape that future with a young and improving defense, Juju and James Conner anchoring a youthful offense, and either Mason Rudolph or Josh Dobbs taking the baton when Ben is ready to pass it on. I believed, long before Josh came in cold and converted a second and 20, that either one of these young men, or both, can be at the least quality quarterbacks, and at best, franchise caliber quarterbacks. Never forget, Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco have both won Super Bowls.What in the world was Joe Flacco looking at? Every time the camera showed him on the sidelines he was staring, emotionless, at something. He looked like a robot being recharged. Whatever captured his attention on the sidelines apparently also kept T- Sizzle over there as well. I think if you need nap breaks in the middle of a game, it’s time to hang them up.At the second half kickoff I was generally at ease about the outcome of the game and moved to “100 yards for James” watch. I get that a win is a win, and individual stats don’t matter. The thing is, rushing for 100 yards isn’t an individual thing. It’s a credit to the offensive line as well. If James can reach 100 yards Thursday he’ll be in the same class as Jerome Bettis <a title="Chris Boswell Jersey" href=" removed link ">Chris Boswell Jersey , who once had five weeks in a row above the mark. If James does that, he will forevermore be referred to by this writer as Saint James.Leftover hot sausage sandwiches were on the menu for the game, which was, once again for me a home game, meaning I was able to watch at home. The leftovers I originally cooked for my wife’s birthday this week. I won that day too, an even more important victory than beating the Ravens. Happy birthday baby.I was surprised before the game to read Harbaugh’s fanny may be getting warm in his seat. Wouldn’t it be something if he lost his gig this week or next? And then, at the end of the year, Marvin Lewis makes it a perfect trifecta? The AFC North, where other coachs’ dreams go to die.Four more days until we get to do this again. We still have those three games against teams on the top 5 of someone’s power rankings. Still, for the first time this season, those teams may be looking at their game against us with some fear.Is AB ever going to have a breakout game? I mean a ten catch, 200 yard, 3 touchdown kind of game? Don’t get me wrong. AB is having a fine season, and I am incredibly grateful for him. His hands seem as good as ever. His separation skills, however, which I think were his greatest asset, seem to not be what they once were. Still <a title="Merril Hoge Jersey" href=" removed link ">Merril Hoge Jersey , I’m thinking he will have an all-world second half, and finish above 120 catches, 1500 yards and 15 touchdowns. That, however, just might be post Ravens game giddiness.I don’t get the fuss about needing to answer the question about who the #3 receiver is. I like seeing the ball spread around. If Washington, Switzer, and Hunter end the season with 20 catches each, that’s a good thing.I think the reason Jesse James bobbled that ball so long was because he was confused to see only green grass ahead of him. Not a lego, paper cup, or cigarette butt to bring him down. Seriously, the Outlaw has better hands than the Vanimal, but they are on opposite ends of the “tough to bring down” spectrum.Let’s be kryptonite Thursday.